Types of Honey in India

In this post we look at various types of honey in India. Varietal honey is honey, which is mostly collected from a particular type of flower. For example, if a bee colony collects most of its honey from a nearby blossoming field of sunflowers, the honey they collect will be sunflower honey. Based on which …

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Cerana Honey

What’s old Is new! Mead in India

These last few months we finalised on our site for the meadery and have started working on our Excise license! So exciting times are coming-a-closer everyday! But that resulted in delay in publishing this post.. Sorry about that. Well, as they say, better late than never! So, without further ado, let’s bring the ship back home …

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Which Mead Do You Like

I thought I will dedicate this post to make you, the prospective mead lovers, acquainted with mead and it’s types so that you have an easier time deciding which mead is right for you. Mead is a very versatile beverage and as many great mead makers of our time say, “There’s a mead for everyone”. …

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Mead It!

A lot of us don’t know what mead is,  but it really has been around for the longest time in the world of alcoholic beverages! Think about it.. for beer you have to go through mashing the grains to convert the starches to sugar that a yeast can eat and spit out alcohol. For wines, …

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