Mead It!

A lot of us don’t know what mead is,  but it really has been around for the longest time in the world of alcoholic beverages! Think about it.. for beer you have to go through mashing the grains to convert the starches to sugar that a yeast can eat and spit out alcohol. For wines, you have to separate the fruit from its seed and skin. But mead was probably just made in nature…!

Imagine a beehive sitting in a tree hollow, and it rained unexpectedly making the honey bees leave their precious honey diluted in excellent quality rain water.. wild yeasts present in the air around were waiting to get their chance! Once the honey was diluted enough, they started eating the sugars away and an amazing brew originated right there without any human meddling.

Imagine you to be that lucky person just walking by this tree with a magical potion brewing in it and the honey aromas hit your nose.. You gravitate to the spot and drink from the natures cup. And voila..!! You discovered mead, that drink which the Gods themselves drink, that drink that vikings consumed in their mead halls after victorious fights, that drink that made the drinkers write poetry, that drink that honeymooners used to drink! That drink that Cerana Meads will soon bring to you…..

Stay tuned for more updates from us about Cerana Meads and meads in general!!


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