5 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Honeybees

If you have been following our social media and previous blog posts, you’re already aware about our obsession for bees and how crucial they are to our story and mission (you can read more on that here and here). It only felt right to compile a few interesting facts about these beautiful creatures and the miraculous product they help produce, listed below:

1) A honeybee can carry nectar almost equal to her own weight!

2) One teaspoon of honey is the lifetime work of 3 bees!

3) A pint of Cerana Meads contains about 8 teaspoons honey, that is the lifetime work of 24 honeybees.

Cerana Meads handcrafted premium meads with Indian flavours

4) In order to produce 8 teaspoonfuls of honey, the bees must pollinate approximately 4 million flowers!

5) One large bottle of Yule Spice has ensured pollination in about 8 million flowers!

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