Presenting our Seasonal Special Metheglin

Yule Spice

A festive Mead, aged in French Oak to bring home the spirit and flavours of the season. The warm aroma of cinnamon, the gentle burn of ginger, and the sweet, earthy jamun-ness of the honey leave you with a lingering sense of comfort. Yule Spice is the perfect and ultimate festive drink to have and to share

This metheglin, that's mead made with spices, is a limited period release for the winter season. So wait no further and grab your bottles of India's first commercially available standard mead while stocks last.

Our Yule Spice Story

When Yoginee first heard about mead, an idea started forming in her head. An earthy honey and spices together would make a wonderful infusion. The hunt for an earthy honey began. It soon came to fruition in one of her travels when she found jamun honey.

The combination of spices used in the mead had everything from her kitchen: ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, you name it and it was there in the mead.

That mead had interesting and complex notes. Finally working with Ashwini to tinker the ratio and adjusting the ingredients brought them to the final recipe of Yule Spice, which boasts of all woody spices. ginger, cinnamon and French oak.

Yule Spice, a honey forward metheglin that we all are proud of!

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