You never forget your first sip

Every great love has a story behind it. Ours is a story that blends many passions.

When our co-founder Yoginee learnt about meads she was intrigued not only by its rich history and diversity but also because mead brought together her myriad interests. It was a marriage of her love for nature, her fascination with the social behaviour of bees and her appreciation of alcohol.

Unable to find the drink locally she experimented with making some herself and after her initial experiments were appreciated by friends and family she toyed with the idea of setting up a meadery.

She knew just who she needed to help her achieve this and reached out to her friend and fellow Ph.D. scholar, Ashwini who was finishing her post doctorate in Canada at that time.

Ashwini was always enthusiastic about creating an innovative, value added product from agricultural resources and had a love for wines and spirits, jumped at the idea of this unique and exciting venture. She traded in maple syrup for honey and thus began the journey of Cerana Meads.

Our meadery in the Sinnar region of Nashik, Maharashtra, produces authentic meads with an emphasis on Indian flavours.

The quality of our meads is of primary importance to us. We believe in a philosophy of ‘farm to bottle’, and in line with this we treat all our raw materials with utmost care, be it the honey, fruits or spices. We carefully preserve them and extract the natural flavours into a bottle of Cerana Mead, handcrafted with love.

So go on and try our delicious premium meads.
Cerana Meads Team Yoginee Budhkar and Ashwini Deore

Our Co-Founders

Yoginee and Ashwini both finished their doctorates from the Food Engineering & Technology Department at The Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai

If Yoginee had a colour from a painter’s palette, it would definitely be green. She has been drawn to the nature ever since she was a child.

Bees attracted her specially, and she was always intrigued by their complex behaviour. In her undergrad days, this bee-lover had envisioned making alcohol.

The drive to start the meadery saw her go to California to study advanced mead making and business of mead making from UC, Davis. She also studied in detail about honey bees and bee keeping in Pune, Nashik in Maharashtra and Kottayam in Kerala. Yoginee has a love for languages, music and dance. A science fiction fan she wanted to name the tanks at the meadery after the droids from Star Wars.

Ashwini has expertise in upstream and downstream processing of biologically produced substances. In addition to this, she is a WSET 1 (London) qualified professional in wines and spirits. She has attended a workshop on the Sensory experience by VLB (Berlin).

With her love for cooking and knowledge of food science she has a knack of perfecting recipes for the various meads. On the rare occassions she is not working Ashwini enjoys long drives, painting and music.

Yoginee and Ashwini are both nature enthusiasts and ensure that Cerana’s procurement and manufacturing practices are highly eco friendly.


Our guys are a knowledgeable, hard working and very talented people.

Our team, though very small, is passionate about the business. They share a love for what we produce and are wholly completely committed to mission of delivering a top quality product every time.

Devdatt Phadnis

A hospitality virtuoso by profession and a true-blue foodie by emotion, Devdatt is our high-end delivery guy AKA the Sales Manager.

He completed his hospitality training during college days and worked in various departments of the hotel industry for 6 years. That’s when and where he was drawn to sales and marketing.

Devdatt’s love for food and spirits brought him to the wing of sales for a reputed E-commerce F&B startup, then another and finally to Cerana.

His extensive experience in hotels, restaurants and sales makes him a perfect fit for Cerana Meads.

Rahul Banagaiyya

Rahul finished his graduation in wine making from Gargi Institute in Nashik. He followed his keenness by working for great brands like Sula and Fratelli. But, when he found out about meads, the challenge of doing something different got him to come join team Cerana.

He administers the tank hall operations, from starting a new batch of meads to bottling them efficiently.

Rahul, who is a gardner at heart, is also a passionate carrom player and excels at his game.

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