Our Pomegranate Melomel Story

Pomegranate has been a favourite fruit of Ashwini, for its enticing deep ruby pink colour, refreshing lovely tart and sweet taste and it’s health benefits.

She wanted a mead with that lovely colour which could be the go-to mead for any celebrations. A celebration potion!

She then combined freshly pressed pomegranate juice with honey and added a dash of vanilla to round up the tartness. The magical concoction that resulted was a high alcohol still mead much like a grape wine.

Yoginee insisted that they must have a hydromel version of it and Ashwini was up to the challenge. Our pomegranate melomel is a perfect balance of flavours with a hint of vanilla. It has been a hot favourite and crowd puller at all our events so far!

We are very proud to produce it in a bottled form for you all. Make sure to grab a few pints from a shop near you!

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