Our Jamun Melomel Story

When our co-founders started working on this project, Ashwini was pregnant with her son Eeshaan. For a few months post delivery she couldn’t contribute a lot to the work and kept feeling guilty about it. As compensation she promised Yoginee a mead specially for her.

She toyed with the idea of the earthy rich mouthfeel of jamun honey might just go well with an equally flavourful fruit. Jamun! The astringency of jamun fruit would enhance the overall taste profile of the honey.

She came up with a delicious jamun melomel recipe. Yoginee became a fan with her first sip and they decided that it would be one of the flagship meads of Cerana when they launch. And true to that promise they made to each other, Jamun Melomel now sits proudly on shelves across cities.
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