Our Chenin Blanc Pyment Story

Having set up the Meadery in Nashik, it was a no-brainer that there had to be a mead made from Nashik’s well reputed chenin blanc grapes. They are the most popular variety of wine grapes in India.

As we were setting up the meadery, we came across a farmer right in Sinnar who had a great crop of Chenin Blanc. We knew at once that these refreshingly herbaceous, citrusy grapes would ferment perfectly with the spicy, rich, multi-floral Himachal honey.

The catch was that the grapes were ready and our license hadn’t come through. So we went ahead with a bold decision to keep the grapes in cold storage. No winemaker had done it till then. Everyone we asked for advice recommended against the storage.

Us being us, we decided to experiment.

The grapes stayed fine for months, we got our license and the grapes were juiced and fermented with honey as planned.

At all our festivals, the chenin blanc pyment has been very popular. Many actually said that the preferred our light easy drinking pyment over a white wine!

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