Melomels are our forte. Try some of our fruity favourites.


Cerana Meads Jamun Melomel
Summer in every whiff and monsoon in every swig! Jamun fruit infused in jamun honey gives this lilac tinged melomel a delicious flavour.

The aroma of jamun and restrained citrus notes add to the experience of this earthy concoction. Light & crisp, it opens up a multi-layered fruity tang with mild tartness which is followed by the unmistakable jamun taste which renders its dry finish.


Cerana Pomegranate Melomel Pomegranate Mead
Akin to its mythical reputation of being the fruit of the underworld, pomegranate adds a tempting pink tinge to the enticing bronze gold pour of this melomel made with lychee honey.

With a distinct medley of fruity, light caramel & vanilla aroma this mead runs smooth on the palate with toffee & tart pomegranate upfront followed by vanilla swirls. Finishes off-dry with lingering fruity notes like a refreshing tropical punch on a balmy evening.


Cerana Chenin Blanc Pyment Honey Wine Grape
The most popular grapes coming from India's wine capital Nashik are chenin blanc. Cerana offers the very first pyment in the country made with these superstar grapes.

The herbaceous flavour and citric acidity of chenin blanc works wonderfully in combination with multifloral honey from Himachal with spicy notes of cinnamon, lemons and bay leaf.


Synergy with other craft alcohol brands allows us to bring meads to new audiences and helps us push the envelope in developing new recipes.
Queen Bee Braggot Honey Beer

Queen B Braggot

This mead-beer hybrid melds the warm notes of multifloral Himalyan honey and the complexity of malt exudes rich notes of toffee, caramel and honey. Made in collaboration with Bombay Duck Brewing Co., Khopoli

Valentines Special Cupid’s Arrow

The gentle flavours of hibiscus mixed with the honey undertones for a sinfully romantic drink made in collaboration with Big Pitcher, Old Airport Road, Bangalore

Valentines Special Spiced Serenade

Gently spiced with ginger, cinnamon and oak, this mead was made in collaboration with Big Pitcher, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore.

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