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Available in Mumbai, Nashik and Pune.

All our meads are gluten-free with all natural ingredients and without synthetic flavours or colours.

Our Meads

Jamun Melomel: for the brave-hearted.

330ml pint – 7% alc


Pomegranate Melomel: for the social animals.

330ml pint – 7% alc


Chenin Blanc Pyment: for the fun loving.

330ml pint – 8% alc

₹180 (sold out for the season)

Yule Spice (Limited release): for the elite.

375ml/750ml bottle – 11.5% alc


Order Notes:
  1. By placing your order you confirm that you are of 21 years of age or above.
  2. Please note that the order will be fulfilled through our retail partners closest to you.
  3. Cerana is only facilitating your orders.
  4. The mode of payment and delivery charges are at the retailer’s discretion. Considering the logistics involved in the delivery, a minimum order value of 1000 is required.
  5. Our retail partners will call you on the number you have provided to confirm your order and availability.
  6. Delivery of orders could take 24-48 hours. Orders placed after 7pm will be forwarded to the retailer on the next working day.
  7. Please contact us on info@ceranameads.com in the rare circumstance where you have not received your order within 48 hours.

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    Jamun Melomel - ₹180 - 7% alc

    Pomegranate Melomel - ₹180 - 7% alc

    Yule Spice (375ml) - ₹450 - 11.5% alc

    Yule Spice (750ml) - ₹810 - 11.5% alc

    1) Please wait up to 1 minute for the OTP or click re-send. You can also contact us for help via live chat.

    2) Our retailers will contact you within 24 hours regarding payment information and delivery after you place your order.

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